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Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Process How a National Poverty and Misery Develop?

The Process How a National Poverty and Misery Develop?

[1] (The Lord) – All vices which have ever been committed by
people on this Earth have taken their origin from the greed of
individual people. Greed is the father of all sins that can ever be
thought of. For at first one hoards up a great fortune, and in
every bad and wicked means; fraud, theft and robbery are
entirely to be included in this category. Once one is rich, one
becomes arrogant and domineering, begins to barricade and
secure himself, orders servants and slaves to drive away anyone
who approaches the house of a great and high-positioned greedy
man, without being invited. The rich man then soon buys up a
great piece of land, becomes the legal ruler of it, often acquires
via blackmail every property from his subordinates and treats
them like a genuine tyrant.

[2] Once the greedy man is quite extraordinarily rich, he throws
himself into the arms of every possible sensual life of luxury,
seduces girls, whores and commits adultery and other shameful
actions without any moderation or measure. And because he is
the first in his land, he leads astray soon a whole nation through
his poor example; for they say: The Lord must of course know
better than we. If he does it, we can do it too! And so in the end
in such a land everyone begins to steal, rob, murder and sleep
around, and there is no longer any trace of recognition of God!

[3] Go to those lands and those rich men of the Earth and look
in their chronicles and you will find how most of all these rulers
initially were highly greedy and avaricious and profit-seeking
normal trading people who over time bought with their treasures
lands and people and then made use of them through all sorts of
means of violence, even transformed the often very good
traditions and religions of the people who had become
subservient to them in such a way that there is hardly a trace of
the old purity left to be found.

[4] Therefore you, Mark, have to pay attention above all that in
this healing institute of yours which will be very much visited
by people in the near future no greed should slip in! Yes, from
this place even an exaggerated thriftiness should remain
proscribed; for that is usually the germ of greed!

[5] Let everyone have what he needs for life; nobody shall have
more in your household. Take into safe custody the personal
presents which will often be given to your servants by the guests
and give them later back with interest to the servants, but not
until they have become old and too weak for serving. And when
they die, the savings shall go to their children and

[6] Naturally, this advice is meant chiefly for you, but later also
for all your descendants. Also, if there is a spendthrift among
your servants, admonish him to exercise proper thrift. Deprive
him of your favor for a while and show him that a spendthrift is
often very selfish and gradually becomes a burden to his
brothers instead of helping his poorer brothers with his just
savings in times of poverty.

[7] Whoever saves only for himself and, in a wider sense, for
his own family, does not save according to My order. I
commend the one who saves so that he can help his poor
brothers in times of poverty and bless his savings so that he will
never suffer want.

[8] I do not say that no one should save for his children and his
household, for this is the first duty of parents. But the poor who
are strangers must not be forgotten, for I let My sun shine in the
same measure also on those who are not My children.

[9] Whoever does as I do, will be as I am and will one day also
be where I shall be forever. And who is stingy with his brothers,
with him I shall also be stingy and very thrifty.

[10] From now on, do heed this precept in your household, and
My blessing will never be taken from it. – Now whoever still
has a request, let him come forward and ask!”

Source: The New Revelation of Jesus Christ
Volume 12, Chapter 63
www.franky1.com www.Jesus4you.net

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