If our ideas and solutions have not worked, then, some radical ideas must be in order! But these ideas must pass one crucial test: "Does this lead us to love God the Father above all and our neighbor as ourselves"? If not, then, it is a dangerously bad idea, not just radical! IT MUST BE OF LOVE BECAUSE ONLY LOVE CAN REBUILD OUR NATION. Said the Apostle John "Test the spirit [attitude, ideas, motives] whether it is of Christ or not." Only Love is of Christ!

Monday, October 05, 2009



Thursday, October 1, 2009, Badbad Oriental, Loon, Bohol, Philippines -

Supertyphoon Peping

VCL to all relatives and loved ones: “Good morning everyone. Leaving for Davao via Buda, 7 a.m. Bukidnon to Davao, about 7 hours travel… We have passed Malaybalay. We are now in Mangima.

“We slept last night at Nang Edna’s house in Cagayan. They drove us in their Adventure to the terminal early this morning.

“They have 2 hectares of papaya plantation, 2 years contract with Del Monte.

“They had stopped their hollowblock business. Many competitors…”

VCL texting from Toril, Mindanao: “We are the first ones who arrive at the FOT feast site here in Toril. Is the expected super typhoon there in Bohol?”

AYL in Loon, Bohol: “Not yet. It’s still quiet here. How about there in Mindanao?”

VCL: “It’s still peaceful too here in Mindanao.”

AYL: “I’m composing an article entitled ‘Churning Sea – Sign of the Time.’ This is about the increasing dangerousness of traveling or fishing in the seas due to the increasing frequency and magnitude of storms, typhoons, hurricanes or tornadoes. You will better ride on a plane in going back home!”

AYL: “It’s now 6 p.m. Wednesday. According to report the superstorm Peping is about to strike the Philippine area. Here in Bohol, small rainshowers have started.

“This is why I have been insistent that we reverse the unwise trend to go down and flock into the cities and low-lying lands. We must make the move to go up back to the mountainous areas where the seas, the storms, the floods, the tsunamis, even fires, are not likely to happen. These calamities have connection to the sinful – read: wrong – ways and style of living in the cities and other low-lands.

“Remember the Ormoc City tragedy some two decades ago? A tornado dumped into an upland dam, released its huge volume of water, claiming lives and properties along the way but more in the lower city of Ormoc where thousands died from the two-story high flood.


“The off-the-media story went like this: a very old dirty and stinking beggar went from one bar to another. The bars lined up along the road where the Catholic cathedral is located. In the middle of the night, where voluptuous dances and immoral acts would customarily begin, there was this strange undesirable woman disturbing the enjoyments of the young beautiful ladies in the bars, asking for cold water - in the middle of the cold night! Where she was driven away by the guard in one bar, she was driven away by a female supervisor in another and so on and so forth…but the strange old woman did not leave each place without saying the same words: ‘Calamity will soon strike you for you have lost true love for the poor and are filled with the evil love, namely: lust of the flesh!’

“Sure enough, the killer flood struck Ormoc City a few days from that incident.

“I have been wondering why Ormoc City or its province of Samar has been the favorite sites of storms ever since. The scientists’ explanation, which seems to be logical as well, has been that Samar lies in the front and along the path of the storms from the Pacific Ocean. It sounds satisfactory.

“So, there is no connection to moral condition…until I heard the story of the old beggar.

“Now, it is said that two witnesses establish a truth. Now, here is a second story which I have no doubt it is very true.

“This was narrated by my cousin-in-law Rose who happened to live in the canteen-house of her aunt in one of the busy wharf in Metro Manila.

“There she saw the immoralities going on. Young ladies disguising as vendor of fruits, roaming around the ship were actually selling their bodies to passengers.

“Rose did made friends with one of them who came from Ormoc, Samar. Being a mother of two young daughters whose ages were approaching that of this young prostitute, Rose was urged to interview the young lady.

“From her, Rose learned that it has become the practice of families or parents in Samar/Ormoc to send their young daughters to Manila to sell their bodies as prostitutes and to send to their parents back home huge amount of money.

“When Rose asked the 16-year old lady how much would she earn in one night, she answered, ‘As much as P3,000.00.’ And Rose was shocked, ‘What! It’s my salary for one month!’

“The immorality has engulfed the families in Samar. Prostitution is with family approval, even promoted by the family – their daughter being used as their source of wealth through prostitution.

“But Jehovah has made it clear in the Old Testament: ‘Fathers, do not sell your daughters to become prostitute. Do not fill the land with wickedness.’

“Yes, storms and the like are formed in the oceans but they seemed to strike on places where godliness, wickedness, immoralities are ripe.

“Take the Guinsaogon, St. Bernard, Leyte, landslide, where hundreds of houses were buried and over a thousand people died under the tons of mud from the mountain.

“First, the illegal logging was blamed. The illegal loggers were the first culprit. And so the people were innocent victims? Unfortunately, not! For this low-lying progressive village was the home of many seamen and OFWs who sent large amount of money which triggered immorality. For it was reported and known that the wives of many seamen left in their sprawling St. Bernard homes committed adulteries and immoralities with the husbands of their neighbor OFWs (wives working abroad)!

“And so before the village was buried by tons of mud, so the off-media story goes, there was an old fly-ridden old woman who knocked from one gate to another to beg for food. The gates of the rich were closed, and if she did not left, she was either insulted or threatened to be chased by their German shepherd-dogs.

“So, the rich showed no longer any feeling of compassion and mercy towards the poor and needy, as that angel in beggar’s clothing proved.

“This is similar to what happened before God rained fire and brimstone on Sodom and Gomorrah. He sent two angels. But the men of Sodom tried to rape the two male angels.

“That act was enough to prove the cities were ripe for judgment.

“Fire and brimstone rained on the wicked cities and we have now the lesson of this terrible incident for our reminder and learning.

“When the old woman beggar reached the last house, it was the house of a poor family whose woman was very hospitable and kind towards the old woman. After finishing the meal given to her, she told the younger woman, ‘Only your family will be saved from the coming calamity to befall this village!’

“And the woman disappeared. And then, the killer mud-flood appeared and wiped out the wicked village from the map!

* * *

“Bee, Jagna port town is going the same way. More and more prostitution and immoralities are corrupting the once-religious and peaceful town.

“And it said, history or story repeats itself. Since Jagna is also built on the mouth of the (Pagina) river, beside of which our ancestral house is located, it is now a given lesson and clear instruction from the same God that we must begin to pack up and abandon the decadent town to obtain both physical salvation and spiritual safety.

“Unlike the wife of Lot who turned into a stone of salt, you, my wife, should not leave your heart on whatever property and wealth left there.

“If it is still possible, you better decide to sell the property so we can use the amount in buying a farm in the mountain.

“There is time, but not much enough time. So, it is not good to waste our time.

“Per latest message of our Father Jehovah, WE MUST ABANDON THE CITIES AND LOW-LYING PLACES especially those beside a river and sea, PRONE TO SUCH DISASTERS.

“So you can imagine my worry and prayer for your safety.”

AYL: “Instruct them who are left there to be ready in case the storm will intensify there. Keep the cell phones always full-loaded to keep communication open. Monitor. Let Sheila Mae give you update about their condition there; they are more vulnerable than our present respective locations. Visayas is partly to be hit.

“What should be the escape strategy?

“First, let them not go to the church or school or gym to evacuate and seek cover. No, these are all low-lying building, just below one meter above sea level. Very dangerous and unreliable, even if you may feel secured because they have roofs and strong walls.

“Escape should be up the Pagina Hill, at the back of our house. It is very high for the flood. Let the stair on the hill be repaired for easier climb. They may be wet of the rains once they are in the hill top but they are safe. How not to get wet is the only problem they are to solve. Yes, also how to have food.”

VCL: “Here is an easier way. If the storm signal is raised to No. 2, then, you are to go to Jagna and accompany them there. Leave the kids there in Loon, in the care of their grandparents. You must go to Jagna for the others. Okey?”

AYL: “It is OK. But instruct them in advance not to escape to the gym or school or any similar places which are low-lying which are easy to be reached by the flood water. Tell them in advance. It doesn’t matter if there is no roof up in the hill, so long as the elevation is high and beyond the flooding water to reach.

“Tell them in advance while it is still still. Their minds are still not terrified.”

AYL: “Most important: Let them pray, especially Carol Jane because she is always anxious to pray for safety, so she is easy to get heard.”

5 a.m. Friday, October 2, 2009

AYL texting VCL: “Bee, update of supertyphoon Peping: 195 to 230 mph. That is double the fury of the just exited typhoon Ondoy that left much devastation in the Philippines.

“Main target of typhoon Peping: Samar area, and Luzon’s Region I, II, III, IV and NCR.

“If in case Peping will face Bohol (Visayas), everybody must leave Jagna and go up here (Loon), which is a higher ground. The kids and the bakers and salesgirl. We have no close relatives in Mayana, but in Loon we are here and also we have provision.

“Keep monitoring. Most important: Pray. Prayer is easier and safer or better than going through the storm and implement our weak escape strategy.

“See the churning seas?

“I do not have anyone to contact in Jagna, since you are there in Mindanao!? Is Manang there with you?

VCL: “Yes. So, with Kuya Neil, we are 3 in all. The Service Hall is only small. We are lodging in the second floor.”

Answered Prayer

AYL: “Our prayer should be to see better spiritual result from any calamity such as this supertyphoon. So we must pray thus and simply: ‘Father, this storm is man-made, man-caused. We abused mother Nature - Your creation and created imbalances in many aspects.

“When the ozone layer cannot anymore maintain the balance of heat, and more heat strikes the earth, producing a churning sea, then we have the storms, the hurricanes, the tornadoes, sea mishaps, much deaths and devastations.

“Please forgive our sins including the use of fossil fuel which depleted the ozone layer, disabling it from blocking the sun’s excess heat from entering the planet.

“Please, spare all lives, of rich and poor. Let great destruction fall on properties, but only on the rich that they may learn to feel sympathy for poor victims of calamity, next time around, and no longer be callous.

“In short, Father, spare life, both poor and rich. And spare properties only of the poor. Let the fury impoverish the evil rich much that their heart may learn sensitive compassion toward the poor and needy. Amen.”

VCL: “You can contact 3 numbers in Jagna. The 4th one is Manong Alex’s number. I am sending their numbers to you now.”

AYL: “OK. Received all contact numbers in Jagna. Thank you. Nevertheless, keep vigilance. Continue your monitor. Okey? If the storm signal intensifies, it is either I to go there or for all of them to come here in Loon.”

Monday, October 5, 2009

Report/update of Typhoon Peping:

It is known to some that either Satan controls the eye of the storm or God rides on the storm.

When does Satan takes charge of a storm? When the people are wicked and thus reject God and His ways. God, their real protector, withdraws and they are left at the mercilessness of the evil one, whose sole purpose is to destroy them.

The preceding storm, Typhoon Ondoy which did not have the power of a supertyphoon, claimed a few hundreds of lives (more than 300) and millions worth of property.

The people especially in Luzon were not yet through clearing up the mess of Ondoy when Peping was sighted a few days ago to be coming to the Philippines, especially the Luzon area.

And when Pag-asa, the official government weather bureau announced that Peping was going to be double worse than Ondoy, all churches feared and prayed.

There must have been a unified petition for mercy, such as what we had prayed, namely, that God would spare the lives of both rich and poor, let properties be destroyed, especially of the evil rich.

So, the loving Father took over and rode on the storm. He replaced the devil who first controlled the super-typhoon.

Result was more than we prayed: He slowed so much the speed of the typhoon to an incredibly below 50 kilometers per hour, far below than the predicted 195 to 230 kph!

It was not actually zero casualty but only 14.

This is how the Father responded to our prayer. Had He not taken over the eye of the storm and drove the devil away from the control, Peping would have unleashed his super-typhoon force that would surely claim more lives and properties than Ondoy.

* * *

We have offended and hurt God’s creation so much that today, Monday, a news report announced that even if Peping’s tail is still in the Philippines, another storm is nearing the Philippine territory. Its name: Melor.

This will continue…one storm after another…one calamity after another…until the people understand that they are not doing right in the eyes of God.

The people in Manila are sucking the substance or resources of the poor people in Mindanao and the Visayas and the rest of Luzon.

They and their Christian counterpart in the Visayas and Mindanao regions have been supporting the evil crime of land grabbing of the farms and dwellings of our poor Muslim and native brothers all over the Philippines.


“The Time” to which all eyes throughout the ages and centuries have been set is the Midnight hour of Satan’s rule and the Dawn that follows it immediately.

This is not an easy Time. For by midnight, it means the worsening of Satan’s oppression, and an acceleration of his perennial attempt to destroy the creation which serves as the life support system for the children of God, which destruction would thus kill the children of God.

Worst wars, great Famine and Pestilence will claim many lives. Millions will die.

This “Time” will first climax to a great conflict between good and evil, between Christ’s forces and Satan’s evil hordes.

Time will witness the greatest struggle between Truth and Lie and the forces that support each.

Those in the kingdom of the Lie will do their best not to get exposed of their age-old deceptions and fakeness, or else hordes of deceived people will see, abandon them and defect to the camp of our Lord.

Those in the kingdom of darkness will do their best to continue to cover the eyes of the people so as not to let them see the coming light.

But the Light is like the sun, which the Night cannot prevent from shining and eliminating all darkness.

The charge of the Lord’s army is so strong that it is like standing before an opened floodgate. It will sweep everyone who tries to stop it. All the evil hordes is said to call upon the mountains

“The Time” which people of all ages watched to see is this Time of the Final Battle of Darkness versus Light, of Lucifer versus the returning Christ.

With all his best, Lucifer will tune up his works of killing and destroying. But Christ will overcome him, thus, the Darkest hour will give way to the Dawn of a new age which will begin immediately soon.

“The Time” is scary while Satan is still on the throne. He will lead as many astray as who would let themselves be dazzled by his worldly pomp and splendor, jewelries, external beauties, cultural and religious celebrations, and fire works.

The firs part of “The Time” is difficult as it is the time of the climax of Satan’s oppressive rule over this planet. We will see his appointed servants assigned in different aspects, work for the acceleration in all kinds of destruction and sufferings: destruction of the forests (which means drying up of the springs and rivers; hence, agricultural difficulty), depletion of the ozone layer (which means increase of the heat in the planet resulting to churning or boiling of the seas to produce hurricanes, storms, typhoons, whirlwinds which continue to destroy lives, farms and properties causing a worsening of poverty and misery).

Satan’s rule will hasten the death of the planktons (those tiny single-celled organisms, plants or animals floating on the surface of the seas and oceans) through oil spills and other pollution of the seas. The logic is: if he can destroy these fragile planktons, he will destroy thus destroy all animal life in the seas, because the small fishes depend on plankton as their food, and so, if the food is destroyed, these small fishes will die. Now, if these small fishes die, then, the big fish will no longer have food to eat. Thus, to destroy the big fish, all one has to do is to destroy the plankton, which is easiest to do, these planktons being so delicate and fragile.

The continued oil spill incidents or ship in many parts of the seas will increase the presence of oil on the sea surface. This is an excellent way to destroy the planktons. And because oil tends to float thinly, therefore, the area of reach where plankton will be poisoned will indeed be very wide.

Thus, the sea from where mankind derives much of its life, will die and become incapable of feeding the world’s human population.

We have to be aware of the ongoing destruction of both land (farm) and sea, as the two main sources of food for mankind.

And Lucifer knows where the keys of death are: forests and planktons! If he can destroy the forest, then, water supply will dry up and agriculture will fail. If he can destroy the planktons, then, he will destroy all life in the seas in this manner.

So, we can be sure that there has been a great war between God’s forces and Satan’s forces in places where the forests and planktons are! The good forces fought hard to always protect the forest. The evil forces advanced to cut the forests.

The life and survival of mankind is already decided there!

Yes, there is another source of life: air – the oxygen. And it is also a place where Satan’s cohorts have been working feverishly to pollute and poison.

Besides food from the soil and seas, mankind also depends on air for breathing. If the air is poisoned, or if the oxygen is missing, then, man will also die.

And what produce the oxygen? Answer: the forest and the plankton!

So, again, there is a wrestling of who can control the forests and the planktons. There is no more need for Satan to send his armies to go pollute the air; all that he needs to do is to stop the production of air, especially the oxygen. And there are only two natural ‘factories’ of air – of oxygen: the plant-tree and the planktons!

So, there has been an invisible war to control the forests and the planktons! The evil forces have always wanted to destroy the forests and the planktons.

* * *

The Churning Sea

In the Bible, we can read of at only one place where the word “churning” is found.

It is in the Book of Proverbs, where it is written there that we keep churning the milk to produce butter.

In the psalm composed by Dwight W. Armstrong based on Exodus 15, “churning” takes a fearful tone – it is used to refer to the state of the Red Sea that drowned the Egyptian army chasing the escaping Israelites.

Let me quote:

“I will sing to the Eternal; He has triumphed gloriously!/

He has stretched out His right hand and hurled the foe into the sea!...

Pharaoh’s horsemen and his chariots sank into the churning sea!”

Churning. Roiling. Agitating. Shaking. Bubbling. Tossing. Stirring up. Boiling.

These are the descriptions of our seas and oceans today. Big waves rolling fiercely high like mountains. They don’t respect the size of ocean liners.
One giant ship after another, tumbled and sank upside down.

In the Philippines, you heard about two years of MV Philippine Princess that the storm named Frank, I guess, turned upside down and converted into a watery grave for all over 800 passengers.

After that, the seas did not stop foaming and fuming. One ship after another. One boat after another. Big boats, small boats, the churning seas make no difference.

The seas keep churning.

2009, Summer months of February to April: for the first time in centuries or even millennia, a storm raged the Philippines. No, not just one storm but four storms!!!

Is this not a sign?

An old woman who has lived through the decades of 1920s up to the present, hence, longer than most of us, walked with me in the village road. I asked her, “Grandma, in your youth days, did you have such frequent storms as we have now?”

“Storms came once or twice every decade,” came her surprising answer.

What a contrast! In our days, storms came once or twice or even more every month!

Is this not a sign of a worsening time?

Churning Sea – Sign of the Time

I may be wrong or I might have missed it, but as far as I surveyed the bible prophecies in Matthew 24, there is no mention of storms or churning seas as one of the signs of the Time.

What are mentioned are “wars,” “famine,” “earthquakes,” “the sun will be darkened,” “the moon will not give its light,” “the stars will fall from the sky,” “and the heavenly bodies will be shaken.”

In the parallel prophecies in the Book of Revelation, the apostle John wrote of “something like huge mountain, all ablaze, was thrown into the sea. A third of the sea turned into blood, a third of the living creatures in the sea died, and a third of the ships were destroyed” (Revelation 8:8-9).

That is symbolized as the 2nd Trumpet.

Eight chapters later, in Revelation 16, a worsened scenario about the sea is described as the 2nd plague, surely a sequel of the 2nd Trumpet. Where the Trumpet served as warning of a coming plague, Revelation 16:3 is already a plague, because mankind did not listen to the warning sign: “The second angel poured his bowl on the sea, and it turned into blood like that of a dead man, and every living thing in the sea died.”

What speaks of the churning sea? Here we saw mentioned “a third of the ships were destroyed” and “it turned into blood like that of a dead man, and every living thing in the sea died.”

The seas have become dangerous for ships! The seas have become a grave for many lives; it is filled with blood!

Why so?

In the 2nd Trumpet (warning sign), there was indicated the “mountain” or shiploads of pollutant industrial wastes thrown into the seas, which destroyed one third of the living creatures in the seas.

This is the first cause.

The second cause is the 4th plague, the sun or heat plague in Revelation 16:8-9.

This is scientifically traced that too much heat from the sun due to ozone depletion, etc., has allowed the sun to boil the seas to produce hurricanes, super storms, super typhoons, tornadoes, twisters, whirlwind, whatever you name it, it is the same.

Looking at it with a scientific eye, this swirling or churning of the seas is the sun’s excess heat that boils the ocean or seas like you do to a kettle.

Other revelations mentioned of the boiling effect of tons of fiery chemicals or industrial wastes thrown into the bowels or stomach of the earth via the seas, or via the many holes or caves all over the earth! It’s like feeding a person or filling the stomach with drinks or mixture of many different industrial liquid wastes or chemicals that can cause the stomach to boil!

You know what I mean.

So, there we have the fruit of our insane foolishness and mad ignorance!

Gaia, or Mother Earth, is alive. She cannot endure being given such a drink!

She would either vomit in the mountains (call that volcanoes) or boil in the ocean floors (call that storms or hurricanes)!

So, there we have the results of our insane foolishness and mad ignorance – which we call human genius or advanced civilization!

* * *
What does the Lord say about churning sea in His revelations other than the Bible?

He has much to say which He did not say in the Bible.

“There will also be heavy storms on the mainland and on sea, and earthquakes, and the sea will flood its shores in many places, and then the people will come into great fear and anguish because of the expectation of the things which will then come over the Earth.

“All this will be allowed in order to turn the people away from their pride and their selfishness and their great laziness....”


“This kind of fire will consist of all kinds of great natural upheavals of the Earth, more precisely on those places of the Earth where men have built too big and beautiful cities in which the greatest pride, lack of love, bad morals, false administration of justice, power, prestige, laziness and with that also the greatest poverty and all kinds of need and misery will prevail, caused by a too strongly grown-out Epicurism of the great and mighty.

“In such cities, through excessive pursuit of profit, all kinds of factories will be build on a large scale, and instead of human hands the work will be done by fire and water, together with thousands kind of artful machines that are made of metal. The heating will be done by means of the ancient coals of the Earth that men will acquire in extremely great quantities from the depths of the Earth.

“Once such activity will have attained its highest point by the force of the fire, the air of the Earth will become too strongly saturated on such places of the Earth with combustible kinds of ether, and these will soon ignite here and there and transform such cities and regions together with their many inhabitants into ruins and ashes, and that will then also be a great and effective purification.

“But whatever the produced fire will not have accomplished, that all kinds of great storms on Earth will accomplish, obviously only there where this will be necessary, for without necessity nothing will be burned or destroyed.”

Storms will result if the trees are hurt

Bertha Dudde

N 28 D pages 34:1; 35:1-2 - more specifically the forests... sacrifices to the will of destruction of men... not without influence on the climate... great danger for men when it happens too soon... great storms and destruction... other distur¬bances

Johannes Widmann

N 22 pages 13:4-14:4; 15:3 - What makes the water ascend? It is the power of the light... That light-power draws the spiritual substance contained in the soil and releases it as a liberated, life-giving force into the air, into the light. Thus an element of salvation occurs in every tree. My spirit flows through the tree to its roots and draws out the soil... I tell you: the trees are suffering. Why? Because the soil is becoming more and more polluted... Believe Me, a tree sets free more earthbound spirits than you can imagine today. Every tree is a spring of life... The trees give you natural energies for preserving your health. They give you fruit. They give you much more -- they function as the balance in the electrical field and equalize the tensions in the interior of the Earth

…to be continued

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