If our ideas and solutions have not worked, then, some radical ideas must be in order! But these ideas must pass one crucial test: "Does this lead us to love God the Father above all and our neighbor as ourselves"? If not, then, it is a dangerously bad idea, not just radical! IT MUST BE OF LOVE BECAUSE ONLY LOVE CAN REBUILD OUR NATION. Said the Apostle John "Test the spirit [attitude, ideas, motives] whether it is of Christ or not." Only Love is of Christ!

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Sacred Heart Academy
Third Year – St. Claire
Loon, Bohol, Philippines
September 27, 2010

Entry #2


Question # 1. What are some water pollutants present near your locality?

Answer # 1-A. Answer: Pollutants of fresh water.
1. Garbage
2. Mining chemicals like mercury and cadmium
3. Factories besides the river
4. Fertilizer residue come rice field
B. What are the ways to minimize if not eradicate these pollutants?

Answer #-B. Pollutants of sea/salt water:
1. Dynamite
2. Oil
3. Gasoline
4. Garbage
5. Industrial waste
6. Nuclear waste

Question # 2: What are the ways to minimize or eradicate these water pollutants?

1. Stop much, if not all, of manufacturing.

Manufacturing has done many harmful things, to wit:
a) made people materialistic;
b) fed people with processed foods which produce all kinds of cancers, diabetes, cardio-vascular diseases;
c) drinks which contains chemicals such as soda, main cause of bone diseases (e.g., osteoporosis; bone cancer) and aspartame, main cause of diabetes; d) hence, , a shortened lifespan to almost half, e.g., 50 years or even shorter (some died in their 20s!),
e) through chemical preservatives, the city dwellers have found the way to prolong food-life without getting spoiled, thus, they found the way for people to stay away from farmlands and have food, and huddle in the cities;
f) there in the cities, they indulge in plenty of things and activities which are of the world, of the flesh, materialistic, which the apostle John described as those which please the physical senses, opposite to the spirit;
g) as net results: the cities destroy morality and spirituality with their vices and immoralities; destroy health of people with their manufactured goods; destroy also the freedom of the masses by their addictive chemicals which made our plants and livestock dependent to their feeds, fertilizers etc., our people to their drugs and medicines, thus, forcing people to support them with money and food, etc.
h) destruction of the farm, environment and the planet;

The single greatest destroyer of the things that are of great value to us (such as nature, environment, farms, health, families, character, morality, community, nationhood) is MANUFACTURING and the CITY.

2. Send all people to countryside and distribute land for farming. There is vast space in the countryside.

They have destroyed the countryside with its forests and farms, that this return to the province or countryside cannot be done instantly. Without miracle from God, it can only be done gradually and through cooperation of many stakeholders.
True agrarian reform where all families, including the newly married, will have say, 3 hectares of land for farming/gardening, etc. will be a must.

Government supporting the creation of farms including the terracing, hauling and filling of soil, creation of organic fertilizer and “organic” soil until the place is ready for occupation, is invaluable.

Without government participation, this can be done by private capital and initiative but more slowly.

One good scenario is this:

A squatter family in Manila. They earn their living by collecting garbage. The President of the Philippines grants this landless family with a new 3-hectare land in a government timberland in central Bohol. The President orders both the government army engineering battalion and their counterparts, the NPAs, to lay down their arms for awhile and go to work for the sake of this family, e.g., clear the still forested 3-hectare lot. The President orders the DENR and DAR to issue a Land Title. The President hires a team of architect, engineers, landscapers, agriculturists, etc. to do the zoning of the lot, planning of the infrastructure including a house. Their mission: To put the following parts in proper and aesthetic order/arrangement: lumber trees (small forest); rice and corn field; place for the livestock; space for pasture; orchard; vegetable garden; herbal garden; flower garden; house plaza; house; etc.

A master plan and a master map are to be submitted to the President.

When these are ready, namely: the house, the farms, etc., the father of the poor family, and older male children are sent to the site to start cultivation for short term and long-term plants. The President of the Philippines then sends free rice and viand and allowances etc, to both the working men sent to Bohol and their loved ones still left behind in Manila.

After a few months, or when the food production is enough, the government stops all support, except the ones which may be needed every now and then. And the government tells the army battalion and the NPAs: you may resume fighting, if you so desire!

Some NPAs and government soldiers get the hint and request the President of the Philippines to avail the same Balik-Bukid or Back-to-the-Province program, which is for everybody.

As of this date, the President has frozen all multi-million projects for roads, bridges, public buildings, basketball courts, barangay halls, and the likes which projects have no ending as long as those in the government have deep pockets! The President focuses on emptying the cities and in sending all citizens to restore the strengths and capabilities of the countryside, which formerly fed well our ancestors.

So there is plenty of money now for Back-to-the-Province program which is also a Nanay-Balik-Bahay program where mothers now take charge in the fight against drugs after the Police and the Mayors have failed and in the fight for love!

End of scenario.

That is our vision. Of course, the shift back to the countryside is difficult without miracle from our heavenly Father. It will take time to reverse the present situation where millions of people come down to the cities, leaving their rural or countryside homes empty…even forever.

According to a world study, the number of people going to the cities every year in the entire planter, is so many that they are equivalent of 25 new cities that must be created every year if we are to avoid overcrowding, congestions, pollution, poverty, immoralities, crimes, and all those other negative things in the cities.

But where are those 25 new cities every year? There is none!

3. Go back to simple living without the modern things that cause pollutions and which costs have pressured members leave their families to work in the cities and abroad;

4. Go back to the organic farming. These three: (a) Organic farming, (b) equitable land distribution and (c) simple lifestyle will guarantee sufficiency and will feed each family and stop the scattering of families. Excess of capitalism (such as allowing very large tract of lands to be owned by only one family), the resulting lack of farmland for the average family and high materialistic ambitions fed by false educators (e.g., expensive appliances, expensive living) force members to leave poor family, thus, scatter.

5. Stop all chemicals. For families living in a new world of fresh-from-farm or garden, there is no need of chemicals to preserve these fresh foods, or to enhance their flavorings or fortify them with vitamins using chemicals. Chemicals are not only pollutants of the environment, but are also the prime pollutants of our bodies, cause of diseases and death and consequent worse poverty!

6. Concentrate on living true Christianity which is opposite to present materialism.

Materialism is the error of end-time Christians that cause so many kinds of pollution: pollution of the environment or planet, pollution of the body (chemicals filling the body causing diseases), pollution of the mind, pollution of the heart, etc.

True living Christianity is love for the planet, love for the environment or creation of God, love for one’s own body, thus preserving health, love for one’s soul and heart and so not allowing them to get polluted or corrupted.

There is no pollution in true Christianity. The very fact that there is plenty of pollutions of all kinds in the world today means that Christianity has gone down to so much corruption and degeneration! It is no longer true and pure!

True Christianity is simple, pure and unpolluted living.

7. Focus education on talents development, organic farming and true Christian living.

While they is a need for general education including English, Math, Science, there is the great need to pinpoint the talent/s of the child as early as possible and to start its development right away, wasting no time; it is in the talent/s where the parents and educators must focus and use it to be the path where the child will concentrate his/her life of service and earning a living!

For example.

If a child is gifted with music. When he/she is guided in this talent, chances are he/she will become like Charice Pempengko. As a matter of fact, Charice is the best present example of a child who has successfully focused on her talent, even only one talent. Just one talent is enough – more than enough to earn a living and even become rich while making the people happy! Two talents are too much. But there are those who have more than one talent (Matthew 25 & Luke 19 – Parable of the Talents and Pounds). Talent is the way to riches and independence. Schooling is the way to employment and poverty [controlled income]. Why are the educators blind to this? And parents too!

• So English et al are just aids [and should be treated as such] to help the child communicate well. But the front subject – the major subject -- must be the specific talent which the child is gifted by God. Present formal education delays or even often hinders talent development; thus, hinders the fulfillment of God’s will revealed in the Parable of the Talents and Pounds (Matthew 25 & Luke 19) .

Like what happened to a few like Charice, when talent development is the real focus, not English, poverty is no longer an issue. A child can stay in his mountain barangay and compose beautiful music and lo! he can sell them to the whole world via internet. Even if their house is on a rock and around there is no soil but stones, he can still survive and support his parents from his earnings as a great composer of good music!


This is where our schools are missing – have failed!

So there is no need to go abroad and become maids or prostitutes!

By just imitating what the mother of Charice has done as a focused trainor of her own daughter, we can prevent poverty from scattering us!!

Then, there will be no pollution because there will be no more people coming down to the cities to flock and to pollute it!

8. We are implementing true Love for our neighbor, e.g., plants, trees, animals, (yes, they are our neighbors – non-human neighbors ) by protecting , nurturing , preserving and restoring our environment.

These are the general and among the most important tasks that we must do to eliminate pollutions in our world and planet.

These general tasks will help us have the correct and right perspective in our mind and heart.

And as soon as we have the right perspective in our mind and heart, doing the following specific tasks will just follow easily:

1. Stop garbage that do not decompose and that pollute our environment and body;
2. Stop mining that use chemicals like mercury and cadmium;
3. Stop factories that throw liquid and solid pollutants into the river;
4. Stop inorganic fertilizers which give off residue (such as nitrates and nitrites which can cause breast and cervix cancers) that pollute our rice field and into our waters;
5. Stop dynamite fishing;
6. Do away with fossil fuel (e.g., oil or gasoline) and replace it with renewable energy such as wind, solar, etc.
7. When manufacturing is stopped, then, there is no more industrial waste
8. In addition to manufacturing, the advancement of military is mainly the cause of nuclear waste. When peace comes, then, no more nuclear waste will pollute our planet.
9. and so on and so forth!


We can say that these are changes that our government, business and schools and even our churches cannot do or many of them do not wish to do, because these changes will mean the end of their money-making activities or businesses. But if they let God be their guide, they can shift to pro-life, pro-health businesses.

If we let the Lord Jesus Christ help us, then, we can expect these seemingly impossible things to come true before our eyes.

Our main preparation is to further educate ourselves with the FULL TEACHINGS OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST. THESE TEACHINGS ARE LISTED IN www.franky1.com which post our Father’s messages and also in www.prophecies.org posted our Mother Mary’s work for our salvation!

Have a bright future because of this!

God bless you all.

At your service, we are




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