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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Why China and Germany are winning, while Japan and the USA are losing?

Why China and Germany are winning, while Japan and the USA are losing?
by: A. Y. Laniba, Agape Foundation (Agasoft)

Sunday, May 17, 2010, Badbad Oriental, Loon, Bohol, Philippines - Success or even triumph in a steep competition such as in world’s market, is made by a set of techniques, not just one. But there are key results areas which, if focused, will make success easier and sooner. In other words, there are times when your competitors concentrated on non-essential things or areas which only waste time and resources.

There are key areas that can make success guaranteed.

I have been reading as many articles regarding the phenomenal rise of China and the consistent lead of Germany.

Among other things, what do we know as the key areas where the Chinese and Germans excel?

Before, I would answer the question, I must first mention that they must be doing all the essential things, but there is at least one in which they excel and that spells the difference.

So, with China? The Chinese took care of the market or stores. The Japanese and the Americans abandoned the stores when they moved to focus on high-end manufacturing and finance. The Chinese are left to open and run wholesale as well as retail stores – all over the world.

To the Japanese and Americans, owning and managing grocery stores, sari-sari stores or even a hardware or appliance center, is cumbersome. So, if you think of the Japanese and Americans, they are the ones who make appliances, machineries, and the likes.

The Chinese are wiser. Even though a grocery gets a lot of your time and effort to run, and even though the profit is small, the Chinese has the intuition that as the planet groans from men’s centuries of collective abuses, it would now be bearing food less and less, and so people will grow poorer and be unable to afford the luxurious things that the Japanese and Americans make, e.g., electronics.

And so?

And so, more customers will stop or forego buying the Jap’s and Americans’ products because their strained income will be prioritized for the food and products which are basic that the Chinese are selling.

The electronics are the ones suffering very low sales worldwide. But the sales of rice and sardines remains the same because people need them everyday. The people, when they get poorer, can forego buying an electronic product than to stop buying rice.

So, the Chinese who sells rice will see his business sustained while the Japanese and the Americans who sell cellular phones, computers and TVs will see their sales dive to the bottom.

So, during the recent global crisis, the Chinese who control the market of basic commodities in both food, construction and other industries did not feel the pinch. As a matter of fact, China experienced increase in sales while the rest of the world saw no growth or negative growth in their economy.


Because China keeps hold of the market or store of basic commodities which during crisis, remain in demand among people who eat food or buy agricultural products which the Chinese sell but which the Japanese and Americans have long abandoned in favor of the high-end electronic products.

CONTROL OR MARKEITING OF BASIC COMMODITIES is the secret of the Chinese why China is now the number 1g rowing economy in the world.

What about the Germans?

What is their secret technique that see them through this difficult time? Like the Japanese and Americans, the Germans are not in control of the market. Like the Japanese and Americans, they too are into manufacturing.

But why is Germany the strongest and fastest growing economy in Europe and next to China in the world scene?

What is Germany’s secret? Their secret is: their old time-tested technique: MANUFACTURE PRODUCT WHOSE QUALITY IS BETTER THAN THE REST AND KEEP THE COMPANY MEDIUM-SIZED.

The tendency in too-capitalistic USA and similar nations, is towards monopoly – towards giant size. So, the strengths are exclusive by one huge multi-national company based in the USA. If the company falls, the industry falls, because it depends only in one company.

In Germany, the tendency is towards multiplying the same technology so there will be more and more small to medium-sized companies making similar products. These companies are usually owned and managed by one family or a few families. So, when one family falls, there are still many family-owned companies to keep the industry and the nation’s economy going. Smaller sizes are also easier to control and so, less likely to fall.

In a nation where each industry is monopolized by two or three big companies, like the US auto industry being controlled by GM, Ford and Chrysler, one error can mean fall of the entire industry, if not the whole nation.

In recent case, GM, Ford and Chrysler made the error to stick to gasoline while the Japanese and other foreign competitors are moving towards hybrid (mix of gasoline and electricity) or even total renewable energy such as solar power, away from pollutant fossil fuel.

It was the Japanese auto makers who made the right decision to go hybrid. When the world’s auto buyers saw that it is economical to have electricity than gasoline, they abandoned Made-In-USA cars and went for Japanese cars.

Result: Sudden bankruptcy of GM, Ford and Chrysler, and in this, their mother nation, the USA.

The worst for the Americans will come as Japan are being wood by China to come and join her in her move to full electric or full solar power, a total abandonment of the gasoline (fossil fuel) long held as monopoly by the USA-Britain.

It is normal for America-Britain to hold onto their oil refined from Middle East fossil fuel. But as the world’s peoples are awakening about this oil being the culprit of the world’s agricultural and climate disasters, the people are moving on with Japan towards hybrid cars and soon with China with her full-electric or solar-powered cars.

Japan is recently very much hurt by America. This is being represented by Toyota, Japan’s leader company in auto manufacturing, being very much persecuted recently by the USA.

The story goes like this.

America wants to stay with fossil fuel.

Japan goes to hybrid.

The world’s buyers went and go for Japan’s hybrid.

So, the US big 3: GM, Ford and Chrysler went bankrupt.

And Toyota, a Japanese company, replaced the GM as the No. 1 automaker in the world.

Now, in her struggle to survive, GM asked Toyota to help her through a partnership. Toyota, out of generosity, agreed. But when GM told her to pay her (GM’s) huge debts, which act must not be part of the initial talk, Toyota backed out and proceeded towards hybrid and ultimately pure renewable energy, that is, total abandonment of American-made gasoline.
This angered the Americans.

Japan, like a highly negotiable lady, open herself for courtship. She is needing capital; she has suffered a lot and has gone into huge debt due to the world’s agricultural-food crisis which lead to slow down in sales of electronics, Japan’s main products.

There was China, the wealthiest bachelor. He woos Japan. And Japan shows the hint of saying “Yes, I do”.

And if Japan does, then, it will be a very powerful marriage of China’s huge capital reserve and Japan’s manufacturing expertise.

When and as China powerfully pushed for solar/electric-powered vehicles, machineries and factories, then, down will USA!

But the USA will not accept that fate without putting a fight or taking revenge, as much as possible.

So, came the sabotage of a Toyota car with defective accelerator. Simply put, the one who bought and drove the Toyota car that day, found out that the car wouldn’t slow down – that its speed kept on accelerating. And so, they got crashed.

Through the mass media, what is shown to be a defect of one must be the same for the rest of the same models. And it means a recall of millions of Toyota cars in the same model. Worse, it means the loss of trust among Toyota’s customers.

When that happened, Obama called up Toyota management: “If you abandon us, the same that has happened to Toyota will also happen to Honda, and the other Japanese companies operating in the USA!”

So, it means the fall of Toyota was a sabotage of the highest level.

But do you think this will prevent Japan from leaving USA and going to China? Will a waning husband be able to prevent a leaving wife by further hurting her?

The answer is No. The husband will more and more lose the heart (read: love and loyalty) of his wife. Even if he can hold her for a while, but since her heart is no longer his, she will find a way to escape and go to the other man who offered her sweet love, not coerced relationship.

So, the fate of the USA is sealed: her wife and lovers will abandon him.

As we know the few key secrets of success of China and Germany, we have also come to know the secret of USA’s fall, namely: his deceitful products.

It has been made known via the internet that earlier than the gasoline, solar-powered car was already introduced in the USA. But the big oil monopoly lobbied in the US Congress to kill the solar-power technology. They succeeded. And the world’s nations became totally dependent on fossil fuel (gasoline).

But truth cannot be suppressed forever. There will come a time, sooner or later, when it will surface and shine.

Now, solar power, electric and other renewable energy are beginning to shine and gasoline/oil is fast waning.

So, will go down the USA if she continues to patronize and insist what is now found to be dangerous and deceptive products: the gasoline and its car!!!

Since the new clearer light has come via Tru Science and God’s New Revelation, more and more deceptive products and dealings by the USA et all will be exposed to the whole world. Watch out her medicines. Her inorganic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. Her chemically-processed and chemically-laden foods and drinks. And many others.

More and more will show that indeed USA is the hawk in the parable that the Lord Jesus Christ narrated to his disciples, to wit:


“Do not follow the evil inhabitants in hell who serve out of selfishness, for everyone there expects to be served.

“They are like the story of the turtle and the hawk. The hawk first eagerly helps the turtle out of its mud-hole in the meadow, only to be grabbed by the hawk in its neck during its search for herbs, carried aloft and smashed into a rock.

“Why did the hawk do that? So that she can enjoy the turtle’s flesh as a reward for its previous eagerness to help. My, children, do not do that!

“Service should be given in love and with true brotherly feeling, as is customary in the heavens.”

That is quoted from the New Revelation book “The Great Gospel of John,” volume IV, chapter 99.

This parable is a sharp two-edged sword that cuts asunder all deceit and treachery. By this, the hypocrisy and treachery of many, nations and individuals, will be made known.

If you want to read more about the New Revelation book “Great Gospel of John,” you can download it free from www.franky1.com. In English translation, “Great Gospel of John” is known with the title of “The New Revelations of Jesus Christ”.

Learn from China, learn from Germany, learn from the USA and learn from the Lord.

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